During each of the programs, a number of training facilities will be employed.

  • Rotating room: an Artificial Gravity facility. One of the best ways to produce artificial gravity on earth is a rotating environment large enough to allow free movement including walking. In this environment we can train you to recognize the forces acting on your body and to coordinate movements as needed. Motion sickness awareness training and possible pre-adaptation are also conducted in this facility.

    Slow Rotating Room

    Artificial Gravity facility.

  • Multi-Axis Rotation and Tilt (MART): This device allows us to expose you to motion in two axes simultaneously. The result of such exposure will be spatial disorientation where you may have trouble determining the up and down directions. In this device we can train you to recognize and deal with disorientation.

    Multi-Axis Rotation and Tilt device

    Multi-Axis Rotation and Tilt (MART) device.

  • Stewart Motion Platform: The 6 degrees of freedom platform has 5,000lb capacity and can be programmed to make users appear to oscillate, sway, or be moving along any simple or complex path while stationary on the office floor. This high-speed and powerful servo unit gives users the ability to move their mock or model, and themselves, in any linear direction with any rotational direction. As such, it can be employed to induce motion sickness, provide pure otolith and/or pure semicircular canal stimulation to assess their motion sickness susceptibility, and proceed with possible desensitization.

    Stewart motion platform

    Stewart motion platform.

  • CF-10 short-arm centrifuge: this device is capable of both on-axis and off-axis rotation. The chair can be positioned anywhere along a 4-foot rail and rotational velocities can be varied. A wide range of precisely defined gravitoinertial force vectors can be achieved by changing position of the chair or rotational velocity or both.

    CF-10 short-arm centrifuge device

    CF-10 short-arm centrifuge device.

  • Vertical Linear Oscillator: The seat can oscillate with a peak-to-peak amplitude of up to 1.7 meters, and the oscillation frequency and acceleration can be within allowed parameters. Also available to be reconfigured for horizontal linear oscillation.

     Vertical/Horizontal Linear Oscillation platform

    Vertical Linear Oscillator.

  • Vection Chamber: The striped walls and floor of this cylindrical chamber can rotate independently of each other, causing illusory experiences of self-motion and/or changing body dimensions. In this device we can train you to recognize such illusions and be aware that they may impair your actions or judgment in real spaceflight situation.

    Vection chamber.

  • Treadmill with subject loading device and/or subject positioning device: A standard treadmill equipped with subject loading devices or subject positioning devices will be used to demonstrate the challenges and aftereffects of locomotion in high-G.


    Treadmill with subject loading device.

Other facilities that could possibly be used in our training are related to:
  • Visual field inversion.
  • Postural stabilization.
  • Movement errors.
  • Haptic interaction and force-feedback devices.